Briar Hill YEAR 1 Home Learning

WC 13.07.20 Welcome

WC 13.07.20 Writing

WC 13.07.20 Science

WC 06.07.20 Welcome and Expectations

WC 06.07.20 Maths - measuring

WC 06.07.20 Maths-position and movement

WC 06.07.20 English

WC 06.07.20 Seasons with Mrs Foreman

WC 29.06.20 Welcome and Introduction

WC 29.06.20 Maths-time-o'clock

WC 29.06.20 Maths-time-half past

WC 29.06.20 Science

WC 22.06.2020 Welcome and Introduction

W.C.22.06.2020 English with Mrs Calvert

WC 22.06.2020 3D Shapes

W.C. 22.06.2020 Science - weather

W.C.15.06.2020 Welcome and Introduction

WC 15.06.2020 English with Mrs Calvert

WC 15.06.2020 Maths

WC 15.06.2020 Geography

WC15.06.2020 Science

WC08.06.2020 Welcome and Introduction

WC08.06.2020 English

WC08.06.2020 Maths

WC08.06.2020 Geography

WC08.06.2020 Science

WC01.06.20 Welcome & Introduction

WC01.06.20 English with Mrs Calvert

WC01.06.20 Geography-Maps with a key

WC01.06.20 Maths with Mrs Foreman

WC01.06.20 Science with Mrs Padro-Trees

WC18.05.20 Welcome

WC18.05.20 Science Learning-plants we can eat

WC18.05.20 Maths with Mrs Foreman-number bonds to 10

WC18.05.20 English Learning with Mrs Padro-nouns, verbs and adverbs

WC18.05.20 English Learning with Mrs Calvert-adjectives

WC 11.05.20 Welcome and Introduction

WC11.05.20 English with Mrs Padro-Adverbs

WC11.05.20 English with Mrs Calvert-Comics

WC11.05.20 Maths with Mrs Foreman-Part Whole Model

WC11.05.20 Science-Garden Plants Slide 2

WC04.05.20 Science with Mrs Padro-slide5

WC04.05.20 Maths with Mrs Foreman - tens and ones

WC04.05.20 History Florence Nightingale

WC04.05.20 English with Mrs Calvert_adjectives

WC27thApril_Science (ppt slide3)

WC27thApril_Science (ppt slide4)

WC27thApril English (questions)

WC27th April_Maths (fractions)

WC27th April_English