Special Days

SM12 Leavers' Baby Video

Briar Hill: Queen's Jubilee Celebrations Summer 2022

The Day the Firefighters Came to Briar Hill Jan 2022

Year Two Space Day

Diwali 2021

Fire Safety Competition - October 2021

Year 5 Camping Fun at Boughton Woods - September 2021

Year 5 Residential to Boughton - September 2021

Year 6 Fun Day - July 2021

SM12 Spot on Wake Water Adventure Day - July 2021

SM10 Spot on Wake Water Adventure Day - July 2021

Year 6 at Spot on Wake - July 2021

Water fun at Spot on Wake - July 2021

St Margaret’s Film Fest 2021

Viking Drama for Invaders Day in Year 5

Y5 Residential Trip to Boughton Woods 2021- Parent meeting

This is a recording of the parents' meeting for information on the September 2021 Boughton Woods residential visit.

SM1 Ricky Dance Day - 14.6.21

SM2 Ricky Dance Day - 14.6.21

SM9 Ricky Dance Day - 15.6.21

SM8 Ricky Dance Day - 15.6.21

SM7 Ricky Dance Day - 15.3.21

Pyjamarama Day at St. Margaret's

St. Margaret's Roman Day - Year 3

Pyjamarama Reading Challenge 2021

BH1 Pyjamarama Day

Briar Hill: Shakespeare Week

Red Nose Day and Dress up for Downs Awareness March 2021

World Book Day Dress-up at St. Margaret's

World Book Day 2021 Toilet Roll Challenge!

Briar Hill World Book Day

World Book Day 2021

Briar Hill - Children in Need 2020

St. Margaret's - Children in Need Day 2020

Briar Hill - Diwali 2020

St Margaret's - Diwali Day 2020

Diwali Celebrations 2020

Hello Yellow at Briar Hill

Hello Yellow at St. Margaret's

St. Margaret's - Odd Socks Day 2020

Year 6 World War 2 Day - 1940s dance students in a Jitterbug dance workshop