Briar Hill YEAR 2 Home Learning

WC 13.07.20 Welcome and Introduction

WC 13.07.20 Music

WC 06.07.20 Welcome and Introduction

WC 06.07.20 Maths - inverse

WC.06.07.20 Maths-reasoning problems

WC 06.07.20 English - sequencing

WC 06.07.20 Music

WC 06.07.20 Science

W.C .29.06.20 Welcome

W.C. 29.06.20 Maths with Miss Copley

WC29.06.20 Science-habitats

W.C.29.06.20 English

WC 29.06.20 Spellng

WC 29.06.20 Music - Plastic Soup

W.C. 22.06.2020 Welcome

WC.22.06.2020 Maths - Money

WC 22.06.2020 English - poetry

WC 22.06.2020 Grammar Outtakes

WC 22.06.2020 Grammar and RE

WC.22.6.20 Music

WC 22.06.2020 PSHE

W.C. 15.06.2020. Welcome & Introduction

WC 15.06.2020 English

WC 15.06.2020 Handwriting

W.C.15.06.2020 Maths

WC 15.06.2020 Spelling

WC 15.06.2020 History

W.C.08.06.2020Welcome and Introduction

WC 08.06.2020 English

WC08.06.20 Maths

WC 08.06.2020 Science

WC08.06.2020 PE

WC01.06.20 Welcome

WC01.06.20 English with Miss Clark - Leaflets

WC01.06.20 RE Learning - Pentecost

WC01.06.20 Maths with Miss Copley-Part 1

WC01.06.20 Maths with Miss Copley-Part 2

WC01.06.20 Geography with Mrs Jordan-Transport

WC 18.05.20 Welcome and Introduction

WC18.05.20 Music Track-Power in Me

WC18.05.20 Music with Mrs Wylie-African drumming

WC18.05.20 Math with Miss Copley-position and direction

WC18.05.20 Maths with Mrs Jordan-column subtraction

WC18.05.20 English with Mrs Jordan-create a womble character

Wc11.05.20 Welcome

WC11.05.20 English with Miss Clark-Poetry

WC11.05.20 Maths with Mrs Jordan-Column Addition

WC11.05.20 Maths with Miss Copley-Womble Challenges

WC11.05.20 Birds Eye View with Mrs Wylie

WC04.05.20 Maths with Miss Copley-balancing number sentences

WC04.05.20 Maths with Mrs Jordan-arrays

WC04.05.20 English with Mrs Wylie-commas in a list


WC27thApril_English (possessive apostrophe)

WC27thApril_English (reading Wombles)

WC27thApril_Maths (near doubles)